Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Block Wonder progress

Here's where I'm at with the Amy Butler "Bliss Bouquet" OBW quilt:

This is not an arrangement so much as a display of blocks in progress. These are all sewn to the half-hexagon stage (final hex seams are not done until the last step). It's too soon to be arranging them, because this is no more than 60% of the blocks, so as others are done things will change up here. Truly restrained quilters will wait until they have all their blocks done to this stage before playing around on the design wall, but I am not one of them. I couldn't stand having so many ready-to-go blocks piled up without putting them on the wall. This way I can see which ones play well with each other, and which ones don't get along.

So far, this block is my favorite:

Too bad it's looking like the most likely to get left out of the final arrangement. It's gorgeous, but too dark around the edges. Theoretically I could take out the seams and redo it in a different configurationbut I can't imagine bothering with that by the time I get all of them done.

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