Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Block-a-Palooza Block 11

This one, from Fat Quarterly, was fun. It's a lot like Block 3 (one of my faves from the entire project), with the larger pieces in that block subdivided into new shapes.
As usual, I didn't exactly follow the original in terms of fabric placement, using my solid in the corners, and making all my geese from the same fabric pair.

I've been eyeing that orange Kaffe Fassett "Persimmons" for a while, and with this block its time had come to make an appearance. The focus here, though, is on the purple pinwheel in the center, so I played up those colors in the corners, too, and muted the orange by pairing it with the green leafy print. The hot pink solid is from the one small piece (about 4"x10") left after making this quilt. Cosmo and I are both very fond of that quilt, and I enjoyed including some of the pink here.

I really like how this block turned out, and am tempted to make another, but doubt I'll have time before Block 12 posts on Thursday.

In between 'palooza blocks I've been stitching away on some other projects. The monochrome top is either done or almost done, depending on whether or not I decide to add some applique, the pieced border for the One Block Wonder is creeping along, and I've got growing piles of stitched bits for a couple of long-term scrap projects. I keep a supply of cut scraps on the sewing table to use as "betweeners" and to sew up when I have a few minutes of time but insufficient energy or brainpower for anything requiring close attention or design decisions. One of these scrap projects is getting close to the point where I'll put the assembled units up on the design wall and take some pics to show you how it's shaping up.

March sewing goals:
1) Finish the monochrome project by the 3/31 Modern Quilt Guild Challenge deadline
2) Get the borders done and applied to the OBW center, and the whole thing layered and pin-basted for quilting
3) Keep up with the remaining 'palooza blocks, and decide on a layout (yes, a specific layout will be provided by the 'palooza team when the blocks are all done; chances I'll use that arrangement are slim)
4) Finish the blocks for the farthest-along scrap project, and get that up on the design wall so I can play with the layout

I have not abandoned garment sewing, although it might appear that way. Sooner or later I'll need something new to wear, and I'll start cutting up my quilting stash for new skirts or warm-weather dresses. Until then, I'm focused on quilting-type fun.


  1. I just want to let you know what an inspiration you are for me. You are teaching me so much about color, contrast and fabric placement. I have so much to learn about this quilting/sewing thing, but you are part of making the process such a joy. Thank you!

  2. The orange is gorgeous! You have mad color skills:)

  3. Thanks, Vicki and 'Noob! I'm not big on following "rules", and my color-play is intuitive: the fabrics tell me who they want to rub shoulders and I mix things up however they look good to me. Sometimes the result is pretty far "out there" and I'm surprised when others like it, too.

  4. I just found your blog through Bumble Beans as you were listed as being the winner of a book there! Congrats! I clicked on the link to your blog and I am SO glad I did - I love your style! I love the fabrics and color combos you use - very similar to my own tastes! I will be back:)

  5. Came by to congratulate you on the book win via Victoria, and was dazzled by your blocks!!! Wow!
    I need to get a cup of tea and run back with more time for a proper visit!
    You are on a roll woman!
    so nice to meet you,
    Valentina from faraway Cyprus!