Sunday, February 6, 2011

Block-a-Palooza Block 3 Revisited

Better camera luck today. Here are the two new versions of 'palooza Block 3 I sewed up yesterday. I love the bluey-greeny deliciousness of this one...

... and the pow! factor of this one: 

They both go well with Block 4, version 1. Here are my 'palooza "outliers" so far:

Block 5 goes "live" tomorrow. Maybe I'll get another outlier from that one, too.


  1. Wow - those are gorgeous! I love those colors

  2. Glad you linked your blog from the Quilt Dad's BaP flikr!~ You do the light and dark values in the bright moderns SO much better than I! Did you learn that from the book you recommend or do you simply have a really skillful eye? Also, WHERE did you get the pattern for that awesome pincushion with a 'cup' in the middle in your sidebar? Will you email that info to me?