Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Own 'Palooza Block 7

I'm sure there are Block-a-Palooza participants grateful for Heather's easy, simple Block 7, but it was too easy and simple to interest me. So I used it as the basis to design my own block.

Starting with Heather's concept of a large 9-patch with 4-patches in the corners and center...
I then,
1) removed the center 4-patch:
2) added corner-to-corner diagonals:
3) added flying geese around the center:
4) removed a couple of seams from each side:
Selected fabrics following my rules and voila, a new 'palooza block that's all me. Or as much "all me" as any grid-based block design can be. There are a zillion and one variations on this kind of block, and they've all be done by someone, somewhen. Shouldn't stop you from playing around on your own, though, because it's fun.

If you'd like specific instructions on how to make this block for yourself, let me know in the comments, and I'll share my constructions notes and some pics in a new post.

* * * * * *
UPDATE: Instructions for this block are now available here.


  1. I love your modifications! Watch out, girl, or they'll be asking you to design blocks for the next 'palooza!!

  2. I felt the same - love your design and I appreciate your sharing how you came to create it. I'm sure I can duplicate it with what you've shown here. I enjoy your blog - one of the first that I look for - and I like your self-imposed limits on your Palooza blocks - they sure are beautiful. Thanks for your generous sharing.