Monday, March 7, 2011

Two out of three...

... borders are on the Amy Butler "One Block Wonder" quilt top:
It's a crappy day for photos here, very gloomy and rainy, but let up just a enough for a little brightness in our south-facing kitchen so I rushed to drape this over the counter for a quick shot.

Another round of sawtooth triangles will be added before calling this top "done." Those triangles are still in small units on my design wall, hope to get the final border on before next weekend. I cut the print border as wide as possible (which was about 10.5") to showcase the original fabric. I wasn't sure at all, until I got this far, that I would like the sawtooth thing; concern was it might be too circus-tent-y. But I'm liking it a lot. It adds that little bit of unexpected whimsy that I like to think is part of my "style." Without it, this is a bit more over-the-top floral than even I can stand.

Anyway, bad light, not quite done top... couldn't stop my impulse to show off in-process.

I haven't made a final backing decision yet, am waffling on binding options, and have no idea yet how I will quilt this. Lots to ponder as I sew a gazillion more little triangles together...


  1. The triangles look so pretty! I really like them, they are a nice contract to all of the flowers

  2. Oh.My.Goodness!! Love this... not circus-tent-y AT ALL! Such lovely colors - warm, breezy, summery, and all other good things :)

    Did you use AB solids or shot cottons or others for the triangles?

  3. Thanks! I am not looking forward to sewing up a lot (a whole lot!) more triangles, but it will be worth it when it's done. The solids are all Kona cottons, BTW, from some FQ packs in the stash. They don't exactly match the Amy B. fabric colors, so I purposely used as wide as assortment as possible.