Saturday, September 11, 2010

Look who followed me home...

Ever since moving to Hawaii in 1999, I've been thinking "some day it will be nice to have a cat again." But with no urgency about it. It would happen when it happened. I figured when the time was right the right cat would find me: some fine day I'd go out for a walk and hear a kitten mewing in the grass, or something like that, and that would be it.

The years have gone by and from time to time I've wondered when my cat would appear. Then, this past Monday, Mr. de Hilo and I went for a walk, and on our way up the hill on our usual route this little cutie was crouched in the grass by a banana patch, mewing. I stopped to pet him, as I do any friendly cat. He's not quite a kitten anymore, but still young, about half-cat sized, and just adorable.

On our way back down the hill, he trotted out to the road and followed us (mostly me; Mr. de H could see where this was headed and was staying out of it). When we got to my street, cat still tagging along, a woman from the neighb stopped to wonder if it was the same little black stray her husband reported seeing around her house, a few blocks further down, several days ago.

Little cutie was a bit thin, very hungry/thirsty, but seems otherwise healthy. In 24 hours, he ate two entire cans of tuna and little bit of dry food, and visibly filled out. He is so adorable I couldn't believe no one was looking for him. Tuesday I went all over the neighborhood talking to whoever I could find and flagging down cars: "do you know anyone who's lost a little black cat?", and leaving notes with my phone number in mailboxes. Put a Lost and Found ad on Craigslist, and other in the local paper. Sent emails to local animal shelters, to say if anyone calls looking for a little black cat, pass them my number.

Then we (yes, Mr. de H has fallen for him, too) spent the rest of the week hoping no one would call. Yesterday was the last day of the local "found cat" ad, and the one call we got from it was someone looking for a black cat with a white throat, so not this one. Phew!!

Last night we finally allowed ourselves to believe that we get to keep him. Mr. de H has named him "Cosmo" in honor of "hipster doofus" Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld. I think that's a fine name for a cat.

No sewing got done this week, as free time was spent bonding with and playing with our little cutie. I will have pics of at least one new garment soon, promise.


  1. Aw he's so sweet!! Enjoy Cosmo! He was looking for you it sounds like. :)

  2. He's definitely a keeper! And that's a GREAT name for a cat :) So happy you found the friend you've been waiting for.

  3. Thanks, Angie and Shelley! We go to the vet on Tues. for checkup, shots, and to see if he's old enough yet to be "fixed." Hope he still likes me by the time we get home from that! Sewing time today has gone to trying to cat-proof the sewing room, or at least get the fabric piles off the floor.

  4. so CUTE! I am a total sucker for cats, especially sweet little half-grown orphans who insist on following you home and snuggling up. Yay, new cat!

  5. Oh man, he is so cute! Congratulations on finally finding your cat. :)