Monday, September 27, 2010

inadvertent fashionista

In spite of my fondness for both Ugly Betty and Project Runway, I am a long, long way from being a fashionista. When I redrafted the Jalie 2908 jeans to remove the boot-cut tapering I knew I wanted them wider than I'd muslined, and rather than fuss with leg width at that point I simple ruled a straight line down from the widest hip-point (outseam) and inner thigh (inseam) to the hem. That's a wide leg for a jean.

But I didn't care. I figured I'd get the pockets and zip and crotch seam done, then baste up the legs and fine-tune the width. Then I tried them on, and whaddaya know. I like 'em wide. They seem to suit me. So I left them that way. I don't care if my jeans are in the same galaxy as "on trend" so long as they fit and are comfortable. I figure I've been ignoring fashion for decades, no reason to start grasping at trendy now.

And then I saw these...
... 3 pages torn from the Garnet Hill catalog that landed in my mailbox a few days ago, and which I flipped through this morning. Those are various twill and chino pants, not jeans specifically, but close enough. At least one pair was on a page headed "trend spotting" or something like that. Prices: $68-$88.

Let's see, I got 6 yards of the blue stretch mystery fabric for whatever $1.99/yard  -20% +tax comes out to, and have so far made from it one muslin, one pair of very wearable jeans, and have enough left to maybe make a pair of capris, or certainly a skirt, should I ever get around to that.

There are those who would include the value of my time, too, but let's not go there. Assigning a dollar sign to play time is just plain wrong.

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