Monday, August 16, 2010

Stash Confessional

Oh, I was doing SO well until this morning. I'd actually used more fabric (45 yds) than purchased (42.5 yds) so far this year, but I just tipped that equation the other way via In my defense, the bulk of my purchase was lining yardage in 3 colors, which I need for some garment fabric that, if not lined, will never see wear. That's not to say that I'll sew it up anytime soon, but it had been on my "grab some when it's on sale" list for a while.

The purely indulgent purchase of the day was these two prints. The first is one of my all-time fave Kaffe Fassett prints, in a new-to-me colorway, "Persimmons" in Opal:

I got three yards of this, which is how much I need to make a maxi-dress like this one for around the house wear. It's not the most flattering dress ever, but OMG, so comfy. I've been wearing the butterfly version almost daily and thinking, every time I zip it up, "it sure would be nice to make another of these, next time I find a great cotton print on sale." I've been keeping my eye out for something, and this is it. Came out to around $4.50/yard, which is a good price for KF. I don't think I'll get to sewing it up before my Oct. trip, though, so into the stash it will go.

The other indulgence was this ridiculous Brandon Mably (Kaffe Fassett Collective) print, "Fish Lips," in Lilac, which I have been giggling at for the past year or so:

I don't know why I love it so much, but it makes me smile every time I see it, which is a good thing. I only got two yards because this one wasn't on sale, so it won't be a maxi-dress (probably just as well; that would be a little too goofy, even for me). I envision it as a wide quilt border for... something. I can't pretend this one is anything other than stash accumulation.

While in confessional mode, I'll cop to some more pattern accumulation, too. This is entire the Vogue site's fault, as they put all their patterns on sale today. I got these:

V1177, Anna Sui dress. Reality check: on me this will be a tunic. I have some cotton lawn in the stash in mind for this one, if/when I get to it.

V8323, knit tops, also on my "grab when it goes on sale" list. I have in mind the brown stretch jersey I recently aquired, for the cross-neck view, plus sleeves.

And V1051, the very popular Alice+Olivia pants:

I know, I know, I haven't even produced one successful pants muslin yet. But I've had good luck with that kind of shaped yoke on a skirt, so hope it might be a nice feature on my figure... although it's way too low as drafted. And I'll probably cut it wide-legged all the way down, rather than nipping in at the knee. I may be delusional, but have high hopes for final results from this, tempered by expectation that it may become a year-long project to get them right. I think I even have some appropriate fabric in the stash for this, if I don't use it for something ese, first.

Anyhoo, one of the perks drawbacks of being self-employed is that no one but me every reader of this blog knows that I've now spent half the morning on stash accumulation, instead of on income-generation, which is what I really should be focusing on, given that it's now 10:25 on Monday morning...


  1. Love those Kaffe persimmons! And that pants pattern is divine. Glad to read that you are making the AB Liverpool tunic. I also have that in my "too be sewn" pile, but I can't land on a fabric choice... And BTW, discretionary purchases that are included in a required purchases order don't count. Once you are already paying shipping, you might as well make it worth it :)

  2. The pants are divine on the skinny model, probably less so on me, but I maintain hope for best-possible outcome, given figure realities. I got free shipping, BTW, but only because those discretionary purchases bumped up my total, which of course was part of my justification.