Friday, August 13, 2010

Fabric finds

Went to my local fabric store/Babylock dealer yesterday to get the extension table thing for my machine, so I can learn to do machine quilting and move a few things out of the UFO piles. It was not cheap, but I'd earned it by sticking with my fabric embargo, which meant no new fabric for 120 days.

Since the embargo is over, and the store was promoting a new shipment of "designer" fabric remnants from LA, I poked around the piles on that table. Usually this stuff is fashion-fabric dreck, but sometimes there are gems in there, if you rummage deeply enough. Here's what I found:

I do want to conserve my fabric budget as much as possible, in order to maximize binge options while I'm on the mainland this fall, but I figured I'd keep an eye out for anything that might be appropriate for the kind of fall clothes I'll want to wear on my trip. Like these.

The brown stretch jersey is absolutely luscious, not the sort of color I ever wear in Hawaii, but perfect for a city weekend in October. I'm thinking a simple long-sleeved top, maybe a little ruching, or cross-over detail. There might even be enough for a sleeveless version, too.

The beige herringbone is probably poly, but very soft, nice medium weight, with good drape. There's enough of it to make a pair of pants, if I ever finish the pattern-fitting thing. I would have passed on it, if it weren't such a perfect match, in color, style, and weight, to the brown jersey.

The B/W double-knit is borderline "meh," but could go in either top or skirt direction. I'm thinking a top to go with the black stretch twill skirt I made this spring, but am not confident it will earn a place in my suitcase.

If these fabrics had required any kind of investment at all, I would have waffled on them, as dark neutrals are not my style at all these days, but it's so easy to envision what they might become, and I do need fall clothes and, most persuasive of all, the price was right:  $1.77 a yard!  That's cheaper than muslin! Total for the three pieces: $8.31 (inc. tax), so if they end up languishing in the stash I can always use them for pattern testing.

UPDATE: I just added these purchases to the year-to-date count, and here's where I stand:
YTD in: 42.25 yards
YTD out: 45.0 yards

Look at that! I'm AHEAD on the yardage acquisition for perhaps the first time ever. And once I get into machine quilting and put the backs on some tops, and add binding yardage, I'll be in even better shape.

Or not. The quilting thing is not likely to happen before my trip, and there are sure to be some substantial additions to the "in" column when I hit the Portland fabric shops. Okay, sorry I thought about that, it kindof took the glow off my (temporary) accomplishment.

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