Friday, September 5, 2008

Pink, White, Red

I am so grooving on these colors in bold, oversized florals right now. Still haven't hemmed the Amy Butler peony skirt (it's on this weekend's projects list), but love love love the fabric.

So I bought more. And a couple of others by Michael Miller. One yard each, thus demonstrating some moderate restraint. I thought I'd given up quilts -- not that I was churning them out at anything more than a one-per-decade pace -- in favor of making clothes, but the vision of a quilt from these pink-white-red florals has seized my imagination and won't let go.

I'm gonna start stockpiling these prints as I find them, think about a really simple setting (oversized florals = keep the pieces on the biggish size) and see if I can come up with some idea of how many different patterns I'm gonna aim to collect before getting started. I might just do 5-6" squares with white sashing. The fabrics are so gorgeous a fancy block setting will be overkill.

Also ordered a nice set of Kaffe Fassett "charm" pieces (5" squares) and Heather Bailey fat quarters. Don't know yet what I'm gonna do with those. Looking forward to getting inspired by them when they arrive.

First, I have to turn my attention back to my "get this stuff done and your weekend playtime can start" list. Still many items on it, and would like to get them all crossed off before noon tomorrow. Hope to post some new sewing projects by Monday...

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