Monday, September 29, 2008

... and then a miracle ocurred!

You know how you ALWAYS run out of bobbin thread either in the midst of something really finicky and tricky or 4" from the end of a seam?

Well, this weekend I was working on a couple of projects (photos still in the camera, details not yet written up but will appear eventually) and stitched away making some striped bias tape, lots of seams. And at the end of the LAST seam, after stitching all the straight bits of fabric together, and cutting on the angle, and then piecing all the ends of the strips to make one very long piece (for coverlet binding all the way around), I lifted up the pressure foot and pulled out the fabric and along with it came a tiny little curl of tail-end of bobbin thread, just under 3" long! A miracle! Just think, only a tiny tug more at the end of an intermediate seam at any point along the way, and I would have run short so close to the end. But I didn't.

Small pleasure, I know, but satisfying nonetheless.

Even more fun was when it happened AGAIN about a half-hour later, when I'd switched to another project!

So this is my public shout-out to the bobbin genies or gremlins, or whatever they are, to express my appreciation for being on the "little bit extra" end of the thread this time around.


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