Monday, September 1, 2008

Amy Butler Skirt #1

My first "Amy Butler" skirt... almost done! Just needs a buttonhole in the waistband, for the wrap tie to pass through, and to be hemmed. But it's a steamy day in Hilo, so final decision on hem length is going to have to wait until it's cooler out and I'm showered and clean before trying it on.

I've had this fabric for MONTHS, have been dithering endlessly trying to make a decision on what to make from it. Finally snapped out of it and told self, "Just pick a style and MAKE it, already. Sheesh." There's more fabric where this came from ( Not like it's made out of gold or anything. Doesn't have to be the ultimate most perfectest thing I ever make in my life. Just do it! (My Nike moment for the month.)

So I did. Cut the fabric Sat. am, stitched most of it Sun. afternoon, finished the waistband and ties this morning.

The "pattern" is a combo of the "Breezy Beach Wrap" (wrapped to front, not back) and "East Meets West" skirts from "Sew What? Skirts". Both are based on the basic A-Line. I kept the skirt fairly narrow and added some waist darts 'cause my shape needs that.

The AB peony fabric is lightweight and in this colorway very transparent, so I underlined the whole thing with white cotton lawn. A bit more of a production, but easy enough to do. Helps with drape, gives it more of a "quality" vs. "pretty but flimsy" look. Should be okay to wear on all but the warmest days here. Not sure I have a top to go with it, but that's a whole other issue.

I'm eager to get this done, but am still unable to locate the buttonhole guide-foot-thingie for my sewing machine. It's gotta be somewhere. I used it, oh, six months or so ago...

I'm also feeling burned out on sewing, which is mostly what I've done for this 3-day weekend. This skirt was my second project of the weekend, the first being to make a back for the "ZigZag" UFO quilt top I found in the projects closet. I'll blog about that one, too, in a little bit. First, I need to take a break and get some lunch.

Anyway, hunger + sewing project burnout + humid weather + can't find buttonhole thingie means this gorgous skirt will most likely hang in the closet as a UFO until next weekend. I'll post a photo of it "in action" when it's done.

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