Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Venus de Hilo is on the move...

Liv Friis-larsen -
Aloha everyone, I'm waving "see ya" -- to Blogger, that is. Venus de Hilo now has a site of her own, and I'll be blogging over there from now on.

A zillion thanks to the handful of kindred spirits who have been following the VdeH thing here; it's made my day every time I see someone else has joined up. My heartfelt apologies to those of you who discovered me so recently through the Blockapalooza thing. I hope you will forgive me for asking you to click on over to the new site and follow me there so soon after you went to the trouble to do so here.

I'd have moved you all over myself if I could, but that's beyond my technical skill and patience at surfing google and the WordPress forums for solutions. For your convenience I've set up Google Friend Connect in the sidebar at the new place, where you'll also see an RSS feed thingie up in the header for those who prefer that.

I've decided not to move these archives over, but I will be reposting pics of my fave projects and of course updating you on all the as-yet-unfinished stuff as I make progress on the WIPs/UFOs. There's room, too, for the handbags and home decor that occasionally amble out of the sewing room, and when I sew up something new to wear I'll show that off as well. Do expect more quilting, though, and less of the other stuff, than you've seen here if you've been following me for a while.

First up, Blockapalooza Block 15, which I made two ways. You can read all about that here.

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