Monday, April 12, 2010

Waiting for final photos...

... but aside from documentation, the Mini-Wardrobe Challenge is done!

Whew. Didn't think I'd make it for a while there.

If there's an honorable mention for number of changes to plan along the way, I'm confident I'm a contender for that prize. I was on the verge of calling it quits Saturday, when I realized there was no way pants (planned garment #4) were going to happen.

Then I realized the black stretch cotton twill in the stash, which I've planned to make jeans from, was ample enough to get a simple skirt, from, too. I think. If I'm wrong those jeans I have planned will have to be capris, cause the skirt is a done deal now.

Wasn't sure I had a suitable pattern until I took another look at Vogue 2854, an OOP Oscar de la Renta that I purchased for the jacket only. But hey, that skirt's got possibilities...

[I also feel a weird compulsion to make those pants, based on an irrational hope that I will be as skinny in them as that model is. Let's stick with the skirt, for now.]

I dumbed it down a lot -- left out the center front seam and vent, and skipped pockets and lining -- to make a quickie casual version. [I'll add a link here to my review as soon as that's done]. Tweaked a couple of seams, but gotta love Vogue: they are the only patterns that come close to fitting me right out of the envelope. If I make this again (and I think I will, someday), I'll fuss with the yoke curve and hip dart a bit more, but didn't have time to get it perfect yesterday. We're in close-enough-is-good-enough mode here.

Best part: I faced the yoke and hem with a piece of 2nd-hand Amy Butler quilting cotton that was sun-faded along the folds, so useless for anything visible. Other than a flash of hem-facing as I walk around, maybe, no one will see this but me, but it makes me happy to know it's there [you're looking at the inside; those are my basting lines BTW, in blue thread, not contrast topstitching]:

The wide bias strip hem facing is now officially my favorite hem treatment. I'm gonna use it on EVERYTHING! Well, probably not, but on lots of things, for sure. I'd wanted to do this on the white denim skirt, but although the fabric is medium weight, it's quite transparent, and I had to settle for using the cotton to finish the waist edge:
Now, if I can just drag Mr. Wonderful away from processing customer orders, so he can take some pics, I'll be able to finish up my online reviews and hold my breath until someone votes for me.

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