Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Burda 8280 - skirt #3

More gloomy-day photos, will update when I've hemmed this, wear it, and get DH to snap a pic on a sunny day. Here the hem is still pinned. Thread I used for seams is just a smidge too dark for hemming, am leaving this unfinished until I can get to the store for a better color match.

I didn't have enough fabric for much wiggle-room with the motifs. This is the front, where the pattern goes across the skirt as it does the yardage.

And the back, where I had to do a mirror-image. I would have liked to have done both sides the same, but when you pull from your stash you gotta work with what you've got. There's even a teeny bit of sun damage on this one, here and there, but I'm probably the only one who will notice it.

Best thing... I discovered that I have a sleeveless linen top that is exactly the same shade of blue! Which makes an outfit! Yippee. Or it will be, when I get the right color thread and stitch that hem up.

I made a faced waist on this one, BTW, but am not thrilled with it. A cleaner look, if you want that, but if I ever lose enough weight to be willing to reveal the waists of my skirts this will need to be completely recut to fit, so for me it's a non-issue.

This looks better on than on the hanger ... look forward to having a better photo to show off.

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