Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sewing Wish List

Here's what was on my sewing-related wish list as of yesterday morning:
~ really good offset-handle shears
~ a new (computerized) sewing machine
~ a serger
~ a dress form
~ more free time
~ a bigger house with a projects room big enough for sewing table, ironing board, TV, big closet, and lots of shelves

Guesstimated budget: $600-700K oughta do it

Today I added one more item : a new iron.

I've been researching online: sheesh, I had no idea there were so many too choose from. Looks like I'll have to spend $55-65 to get a decent one, but don't need to go higher. Have narrowed it down to two models:
~ Black&Decker D2030
~ TFal Aquaspeed FV5155

May be other good ones, but I've reached my tolerance for online small appliance comparison shopping.

Funny, most reviewer complaints about their old irons (the ones that died so they bought the new one they now love and are reviewing) are that they leaked and/or stopped heating. Mine has the opposite problems: discovered yesterday that if I turn it past "medium" (poly) it kicks up to a new heat not on the control panel: "incinerate." Have the scorch marks on the ironing board cover to prove it, narrowly missed destroying mom's apron project.

And now it produces no steam at all, argh (how that's possible while it's overheating and water reservoir is 3/4 full I have no idea). But steam function was always so lousy and leaky I used a spray bottle of water or a damp press cloth anyway, a total pain. Well, what did I expect for the $18 I spent for it at Walmart?

Now that I think of it, I remember standing in the iron aisle at Walmart thinking, "no way am I spending $49 on an iron." Well, I've changed that tune. The cheap one I ended up with was horrible.

In a funny way, I'm looking forward to getting a new/better iron. One that actually gets the wrinkles out of things. That would be a treat. Maybe ironing won't seem like such an awful chore if I have a good one with a nice glide-plate.

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