Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pleasant Distractions

It's Sunday, which is supposed to be "get some sewing done" day (if I'm slacking, which means not using Sunday to inch my novel a little bit closer to done).

Instead, I'm blogging, and flipping through Amy Butler's "In Stitches" which I just picked up at the library. Gotta love that interlibrary loan program. I love her fabrics, and although most of the projects in the book aren't anything I've every going to make, it's fun to peruse and ponder. Why sit down and finish a project when you can spend those same minutes dreaming of new projects to start? ("Because..." roll eyes and make snarky comments about the size of the UFO pile).

The book has to go back to the library in a few weeks, so I've copied the instructions for the apron, reversible placemats/napkins set, and lounge pants. I could use an apron, and what a great idea for a gift for my mom! I have one of those moms who answers all "Anything you'd especially like for (XMAs, b'day, Mom's day, etc.)?" questions with the same answer:
"What I'd really like, dear, is something that you've made for me."

Which is fine, I'd rather make than shop, but since my to-do list is usually on the verge of explosion, and since I often don't plan far enough ahead for mom-related gift-giving situations, "something you make" is sometimes more than I can contemplate without groaning or sighing or rolling my eyes or all of the above.

But I've got time to whip up an apron before her b'day next month. Barely. I gotta figure that if it's a one-day project, it will take me a month of a few minutes here and there with long pauses between to get it done.

I'd better go start now...

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