Sunday, December 19, 2010

The 8-lb Christmas Ornament

... and why we don't have any lights or other ornaments up on our tree yet:
So far, he's only tipped it over once, and he climbed right back in as soon as I'd set it upright. We're waiting to see if the thrill wears off. It's an artificial tree, and a bit ratty; I'm half hoping he does enough damage I'll have a reason to junk it come 12/31.

Cosmo has also been helping out in the sewing room. I'm trying to finish up a lap quilt for Mr. de Hilo to use when we lounge on the deck on chilly winter afternoons (when the temperature might plunge toward 70... brrrrr!). It's already a big hit with the cat, who naps on it every chance he gets. When he's not napping, or out chasing birds and geckos, he tries to remove the safety pins with his teeth:

This my first free-motion quilting project, and I'm having fun. My FM stitching is about as bad as it gets, but that's okay, so long as I feel I'm getting better by the time this is done. Mr. de Hilo is unlikely to notice, or to care if he does, that the quilting is a long way from gorgeous. He'll just be touched that I made something for him, for a change, after sewing so many things for myself.

When this one's done, I do also have a deck quilt for myself to finish up. Chances that will happen before Christmas morning are looking slim, but it might get done.

Hope all your Santa projects are coming along... only a week left for elfin sewing!


  1. Mine WOULD be done if I didn't keep trying to squeeze in "one more thing" - haha! But they are all small quick things... pillows, zippy cosmetic bags, etc. The quilt for the mister looks great!

    Totally jealous of your weather right now. I just checked and it's 5 degrees - sheesh!

  2. hahaha!!! That is AWESOME. Cats are so goofy. We had to get a tabletop tree this year. I had a sneaking suspicion our new puppy (the pug) just wouldn't be able to resist. Turns out I was right...little crapper can just almost reach the branches from her tippy toes, even ON the side table! She has only managed to knock two ornaments off. No amount of "No No Bad Puppy!" has worked. Partly because she's so dang cute we then pick her up for a snuggle because we feel bad. :D

    I think the quilt is gorgeous. Such pretty, fun colors!

  3. Pet discipline is pretty lax around here... even when he's a pest, Cosmo is just too cute to be strict with. I do sometimes wonder, though, if he thinks his name is "don't eat that" or "get down from there." We say those a lot!