Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Almost beginning

So the Pattern Review Mini-Wardrobe thing starts today, and I've finally accomplished enough from the non-sewing list to feel I've earned some project time. I'm poised to start cutting the white denim skirt. But I haven't begun.


Because it's almost 4pm, an hour when my body can move around fine if I don't expect too much from it (like a vigorous workout) but would rather be lounging on a deck chair, and when my brain has called a time-out. A little light reading might happen, but staring into space from said deck chair for a half hour or so is the more likely option.

If I go with the flow of my enthusiasm for starting a new sewing project right now, this minute, the chance that I'll make some utterly irredeemable and thoroughly avoidable mistake is around, oh, 96%.

I've learned from experience to STOP SEWING immediately as soon as I make two consecutive small errors, or one largish one. An even better idea is to not even attempt anything involving fabric and scissors at what my internal clock thinks is naptime.

Just typing up this confession of why I have not begun has used up what little remains of my brainpower. I could make this post more interesting with a hyperlink or two, or a photo of some kind, or a clever naptime image, but that's just too much work.

I'm going to go lounge now. Will return when something closer to progress has been made.

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