Friday, February 26, 2010

Cheaper than a fabric binge...

...but didn't I say I wasn't going to buy any more patterns until I'd sewn up some of the untouched ones I already have? Aren't I supposed to be catching up on UFOs???

Oh well. Too late now. I've done so awesomely well at not buying even an INCH of fabric so far this year, I guess I had to succumb to something. I have not had (much) time or (any) inclination to sew since XMas (inspired and busy with other, non-sewing projects for now), but it seems my imagination is moving back in that direction, as I have recently found these to be irresistible. (warning, long list of pics coming up)

In my defense, these Burda's were all half-price, a sale that does not come along very often. I picked them up when I took my machine in for an overdue day at the spa early this month:

This one's 7658: key features; loose skirt, cut-in shoulders front and back. Both are great for warm weather and the shoulder cut is a good look on me. The skirt style used to be, when I was a little slimmer. Will need to muslin this, and may tinker with the skirt or franken-pattern.

Burda 2938: Fodder for planned epic pants endeavor. The Palmer Pletch ones I've been trying to tweak to fit have been a nightmare, so I'm inclined to start all over. Some day. When I get my courage back. Key features: narrow waistband, wide legs, side zip (no fly front!). I think this is a better, simpler style to learn pants fitting with:

Burda 8082: simple top with just enough detailing. I see huge TNT potential here, hope it works out:

So, I didn't feel too bad about those, but then, this morning, I lost control again at the Vogue sale. Upside of indulgence: these were all either $5 or $5.75, an even better deal than the Burdas.

V1026: Badgley Mischka. I will most likely attempt a casual version in linen or lightweight denim:

Vogue 1090: Michael Kors. I've been tempted by and waffling on this one since it came out. Love it, but "6 inches above the knee" is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too short for my age (plus I'm taller than Vogue's fit, so have to add length anyway). Love the details, but suspect the pocket treatment may make lengthening tricky. I have a bright blue lightweight linen that might be perfect for this, but don't know yet what I'd use for the contrast.

Vogue 2949: No idea yet what approach I'll take to this, but I'm intrigued by the possibilities. May start with fleece or even flannel to make a toss-on layer for cool winter afternoons on the deck?

Vogue 7608: Another pants option. Maybe I just like seeing a woman closer to my age modeling these.

Vogue 8422, for View B, if I ever get around to sewing knits. I won't start with this one, but hope to work up to it.

Vogue 1123: Anne Klein New York, for the dress. Not entirely convinced this will work well in my size/on my bod, but love the seam detailing and suspect it will facilitate fitting tweaks. This is likely to gather dust for quite some time, but I look forward to playing with it "someday":

The jacket has possibilities, too, but I like this OOP Oscar de la Renta better:

I put this in the Vogue shopping cart without realizing it's an OOP: $25, yikes. Found it on ebay for less. This is a good "city" look for me (and what I look like in my mind, although not so much in the mirror these days!), so a possible option for mainland travel wardrobe. I am in no way "fashion forward", preferring to find a style that works with my shape/height/taste/lifestyle, and stick with it. I'm still figuring out what that is for "over 50" life in Hawaii, but can see a tropical version of this for when I need to step it up a bit.

I remember looking over this jacket pattern a long time ago, and deciding it was well beyond my very meager, untested sewing skills. I'm still far from "expert" but am closer to being ready to give it a go. I have a length of spectacular purple ikat silk, a gift from a friend who travelled to Indonesia EONS ago. I'd really like to make something from it, and have had jackets on the mind. The straight lines of this one I think will be good for that fabric. This is still a "far future" project, but I might inch my way into muslining it, a little bit at a time, in between other things.

So, there you have it. More patterns I don't have time to sew up right now. I'll take them out from time to time, though, and fondle them, and think dreamy sewing thoughts...

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