Monday, January 11, 2010

off to a slow start

Ten days into the New Year and I have done no sewing whatsoever. Have hardly even set foot in the sewing room, and my machine remains unplugged. Why this surprises and disappoints me is a mystery, because this is hardly the first time it's happened. Every year I get seduced by the "new year" thing into looking and thinking ahead and forget that, exciting as January 1 may be, December 31 is the end of a month, a quarter, and the fiscal year for both of our businesses, and that means there are many admin tasks to be done. Some of those tasks have leisurely due dates, but getting them crossed of the to-do list sooner rather than later is my primary goal. As much as I like to think that a new year will inspire me to be organized, motivated, and productive in the sewing projects department, all the real-world stuff means I don't get to it.

I can report that I've deleted unread all 17 fabric/pattern sale emails that have landed in my inbox since Jan. 1. So far so good on the "spend less" part of Resolution #1, even if "sew more" hasn't happened yet.

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