Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Look 6682 - photo

Here's New Look 6682 in action.
It would hang better if I'd ironed the closet-wrinkles out of it, but I didn't:

I've ranted about the short-comings of this pattern here. And I stand by my gripes, but guess what: I've worn this skirt several times now, and am feeling more favorably toward it.

Anyone's guess, really, whether the compliments I've received are for the skirt or just 'cause Amy B's fabric is so yummy. I'm maybe just the teensiest bit peeved that I get more compliments on this skirt than on other ones I've made recently that I like better, but that's a minor issue.

So, much to my own surprise, I'm considering making it again... with the necessary hip/waist cut modifications, and the length issue remains unresolved. I stood in front of the mirror and hiked it up and down for a bit and didn't come to any firm conclusion about whether it would be best longer or shorter or just where it is. Shorter would be a more useful addition to my wardrobe, so I might see how this turns out at just-below-the-knee length...

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